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Child Sexual Exploitation and Nightwatch by Barnardos

Dear Watch Member,

Please see the attached information about Barnardo's Nighwatch Initiative.

Child Sexual Exploitation - Do you know the signs? 

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Rebecca Walker
Neighbourhood Watch Officer
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Ransomware Campaign - Support needed please

Dear Watch Member,

The numerous ransomware related incidents over the last few weeks clearly highlight the significant threat it poses to businesses and individuals in the UK. Whilst City of London Police are leading this campaign, ultimately, they believe the success or failure of it will depend on the level of support nationally. Therefore we are aiming to support this campaign as much as we can.

The national Hashtag that is being used to raise awareness of the campaign is #RansomAware.

Here are a few tips

Tip one. The message contains a mismatched URL (Uniform Resource Locator)or web address; often the URL in a phishing message will appear to be perfectly valid. However, if you hover your mouse over the top of the URL, you should see the actual hyperlinked address. If the hyperlinked address is different from the address that is displayed, the message is probably fraudulent or malicious. The URL is the ‘htttps’ entry at the head of the message within the box or internet browser.

Tip two. The message contains poor spelling and grammar; if a message is filled with poor grammar or spelling mistakes, it probably didn't come from a major corporation's department. Instead it may be an example of SPAM. 

Tip three. The message asks for personal information; no matter how official an email message might look, it's always a bad sign if the message asks for any personal information. No reputable company would ask for your personal information via an email. Do not enter any passwords or account numbers.

Tip four. The message appears to be from a government agency; UK government agencies rarely use email as an initial point of contact as they have specific protocols to follow. Spammers often send messages claiming to have come from a government enforcement agency such as HMRC. Ignore the content and delete the E mail.

Tip five. Something just doesn't look right; if you receive a message that seems suspicious. Again delete the E mail. Do not open attachments.

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Howard Buckley
Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer
Business Watch
Tel: 01274 373958

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