Oracy at Whetley Academy

At Whetley Academy we place a huge emphasis on speaking and listening. We beleive that developing the students' speaking and listening skills has a significant impact on their academic acheivement, but more importanlty, it allows them to leave primary school being able to confidently articulate themselves in a variety of ways.

We beleive that 'confident people are confident speakers' and want to ensure that our students grow in confidence throughout their time at our school.

Working alongside Voice 21, we have been able to develop a sequence of learning that has proven to be effective and enjoyable for all year groups in school.

Year groups have structured Oracy assemblies each week, in which students are given the opportunity to debate, present, perform and much more in front of their peers. Each lesson looks to build on one of they four strands of Oracy as can be seen in the diagram below. As students participate and grow in confidence, we expect to see them develop physically, linguistically, cognitively and socially and emotionally. The evidence will be seen in their interactions with their peers and teachers as well as academically. A full list of the skills they will has been attached to this page.

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