Physical Education

PE and Sport

The school is very fortunate in having good outside facilities for P. E. and games. The school also possesses a large playing field, which is used for a range of sports along with the 2 halls. All the children participate in Sports Day on the school field, taking part in many different activities. There will be opportunities for as many children as possible to represent the school at various sporting tournaments and competitions in the local area. Historicaly we have been very successful in tournaments and have won a lot of tournaments in football, cricket, frizbee, dance, hockey and many more!

Whetley employ Sports UK to lead high quality P.E lessons across school. These lessons provide students with an exposure to a variety of sports and allow students to develop the key skills needed to become a confident athlete.

Our Aims

For every child to experience high quality teaching and learning through the PE curriculum. To be active, engaged and challenged in their learning showing progression as well as developing leadership qualities and coaching skills.

Every child should have the opportunity to experience a variety of sports and activities in and outside of the curriculum, also allowing children the chance to compete.

Children at Whetley Academy will develop a lifelong enjoyment for sport and physical activity as well as an understanding of how to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 


It is the school’s aim, in line with National Curriculum requirements, to have all children able to swim 25 metres by the end of their primary years. Students will have access to swimming lessons while in KS2.