Year Group/ Team



Head of Academy -  Miss Stansfield

Assistant Principal/EYFS Lead - Mrs Rogers

Assistant Principal/Year 5/6 Lead/ Maths Lead - Mr Townend

Assistant Principal/KS1 Lead/ English Lead - Miss Morrison

Phonics Lead - Mrs Stead

Y3 Lead - Miss Dunn

Y4 Lead - Mrs Groom

SEND Lead - Miss Borowy

Executive Principal - Mrs Gavins

Foundation Stage 1 and 2 Teachers

 F1AM/PM  Mrs Rogers

 F2W - Mrs White

 F2RS – Miss Reynolds   

Foundation Stage 1 and 2 Support Staff

Mrs Bibi, Mrs Facunova, Mrs Robertshaw and Mrs Masood

Miss Briscoe, Mrs Kauser, Mrs Bano, Miss Ambler and Mrs Aziz

Year 1 and Year 2 Teachers

1C - Miss Clarke

1S - Mrs Stead

1T -  Miss Tanvir     

2F - Miss Fakir

2H - Mrs Hussain

2M - Miss Morrison            

KS1 Support Staff

Mrs Qusar, Miss Khaliq, Mrs Kauser, Mrs Mahmood, Mrs Begum, Miss Lever, Miss Kausel and Mrs Hussain

School Direct Trainee - Miss Gavins

Phonics interventions – Mrs Bahan

Year 3

 3D - Miss Dunn

 3H –Mrs Munir

Support Staff - Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Ali

Year 4

 4S - Mrs Groom

 4S - Mrs Seedat        

 4B - Miss Bi

Support Staff - Miss Hussain and Mrs Khan

Year 5

 5C - Miss Callaway

 5Z - Miss Zafar

Support Staff - Mrs Green, Mr Zaman and Mrs Parveen

Year 6

 6T - Mr Townend 

 6S - Mrs Simpson

 6R - Mrs Rizvi

 5/6J - Miss Jancova 

 Support Staff - Mrs Razaq, Mrs Veretina-Chiriac, Mrs Murray, Mrs Bibi, Mrs Ijaz, Mr Mussa, Mrs Rafique

Directors of learning - Mrs Furnival and Mrs Conroy 


 Inclusion Lead - Mrs Metcalfe

 Inclusion Co-ordinator  - Miss Dunn

 Pastoral Officers - Mr Khan and Mr Shakir


 Mrs Turasz and Mrs Majid 

ICT Technician

 Mr Ahmed


Business Manager – Mrs Ambler

PA to the Leadership Team – Mrs Truelove

Finance Assistant - Mrs Nowakowski

Pupil Data Officer - Mrs Mehnaz

Receptionist - Mrs Fareed

SEND and Inclusion Admin - Mrs Begum             

Reprographics –Mrs Knights

Senior First Aid

 Mrs Gill

Site Manager 

 Mr Porter 

Facilities and compliance Officer

 Miss Stansfield and Mr Khan

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Mussa, Mrs Bi, Mrs Iqbal, Mrs Akhtar, Mrs Cabalova and Mrs Khaliq